KAIASUL WOOD Construcciones

Av. La Voz del Interior 7000, Ciudad de Córdoba


The wood solutions provided by Wiehag rely on both the aesthetics of the final product and the profitability of the construction. Wooden solutions are lighter and less expensive than comparable constructions in other building materials. The benefits of Wiehag products include the ideal acoustics of the room, excellent fire protection properties and resistance to environmental and chemical influences.

The company offers a combination of different forms of carriers, which are defined according to the economic aspects. Options include two water beams, curved beams / lower straight lines, fish belly beams, parallel beams, arch beams, ceiling beams and special components. In addition, the company has patented the Freespan system, which serves for constructions of arched or inclined ceilings (replacing the high cost steel components). Among the special uses of Wiehag products are bridges, which are the best proof of the longevity of wood as a building material.

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